How many dosages you can take for Tramadol in a day?

When it comes to questions on matters to do with dosages, we recommend that you pay much attention to it as both underdose and overdose have side effects on your body. Before you make any decision to start using Tramadol for treatment, it is good to seek the doctor’s advice. Being ignorant at times may cost your life when it comes to using drugs, to be specific; Tramadol. Buy Tramadol Online need not be abused in any manner as an overdose of the drug may cause serious side effects like slow heartbeat and shallow breathing which in case they persist, you may end up in a coma.


How to use Tramadol

Tramadol tablets are taken through the mouth. It should not be broken, crushed or chewed as it will lead to an underdose due to some of its particles falling off that may lead to severe side effects. A doctor’s prescription and label information on the drug should be observed. Overdose should be avoided at all cost by paying attention to Tramadol Maximum Dosage in a day. In case you miss a dose, continue with your dosage as prescribed. Double dosage may lead to overdose.

The drug should be kept in a cool and dry place. It should further be kept in a place far away from children’s reach.


For those who buy Tramadol online, you should not make a decision of taking the drug without consulting your doctor on how many Tramadol dosages you can take in a day. When you order Tramadol 225mg online, make sure that you use the pills after consulting a doctor for an appropriate prescription. Tramadol is used to treat moderate to severe pain and chronic pain.

The following are factors that determine the strength of Tramadol tablet one can take in a day:

  • Individual’s age
  • Individual’s weight
  • The person’s medical condition
  • Additional medication one is taking apart from Tramadol


Guidelines on how to use Tramadol

Pain both moderate and severe:

Disintegrating tablets;

  • Children with the ages of 16 years plus and adults can start the dosage of Tramadol disintegrating tablets at 50mg to 100mg per day after a duration of 4 to 6 hours. The dosage can be adjusted with your doctor to a maximum of 400mg in a day as time goes by. Tramadol cash on delivery
  • Disintegrating tablets dosage for children below the age of 16 should be prescribed by the doctor.

Oral tablets;

  • When taking oral tablets, adults start by using 25mg every morning of a single day. Your dosage may be increased by the doctor to a maximum of 400mg per day depending on the need of your body.
  • Dosage for children with the age of 12 years and above should be prescribed by the doctor or a specialist.
  • Children below the age of 12 years are prohibited from using oral tablets of Tramadol.

Chronic pain:

Extended-release tablets;

  • Adults should begin using a maximum of 100mg once on a single day. However, this may be adjusted to a maximum of 300mg in a day by your doctor.
  • In case it has to be used for treating a child, the prescription should come from the doctor.

Extended-release capsules;

  • Adults using this drug should take 100mg once in a day, which may be escalated to a maximum of 300mg for a single day depending on how your body is responding to the treatment.
  • Tramadol dosage for children with the age of 12 years and above should be prescribed by the doctor.
  • Children under 12 years are prohibited from using these capsules to ease their chronic pains.





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